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Mrs. Carrumba’s Black Rock City Chronicles

Note: These were originally hosted at my now defunct domain,, but the Way Back Machine / Internet Archive (whose founder, naturally, attends Burning Man) has them archived.  Since the Man burns in four days, I thought I would post … Continue reading

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I Shame, but I don’t Shun

I begin with a point that all political scientists (should) know.  Grim trigger is the name for an approach to interaction with others.  It involves cutting off (aka, defecting from) all future cooperation.  In social terms this becomes the practice … Continue reading

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You Know Who you Are and Why You are Here

For those who need an escape, may I recommend… Cookie the penguin, the tiny internet star who loves being tickled The Best of LOLcats A Place to Love Dogs Cute Animal Videos @WilHMoo

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The Best Blogosphere Post by a Political Scientist

Have you read Dan Drezner and Erica Drezner joint posts at The Chronicle about how Dan handled being denied tenure (3 July 2011)?  If not you should.  It is, in my judgment, the high water mark, by which I mean the blog … Continue reading

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A Few of my Favorites, and a Shameless Plug

Since I am getting traffic here I thought I would share some of my favorite posts. Why is Autism Rising? 7 June 2013 Poker Chips in the Classroom  8 March 2013 Morality Play?   17 June 2012 You might also want to … Continue reading

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Reconstruction of Removed Post

If you are interested in the original post, try searching at: Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

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Some Dimensions over which the Return to Networking is not Uniform

By my count four bloggers (see Saideman, Drezner, Voeten, and Nexon) and one person in my FB feed (Braumoeller) have displayed a depressingly tone deaf awareness to the variance in a number of dimensions that impact a political scientist’s demand … Continue reading

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