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Political Science N>>1, Anti-Poli-Sci Legislators 1

Steve Benen recently posted a piece titled “Coburn 1, Political Scientists 0.” It is catchy, but it is wrong. While US legislators do not attack federally funded social science annually, it is a recurring phenomenon in American political life (e.g., the 2007 … Continue reading

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Today I Spoke to some High School Students

I spoke to some local high school students this morning.  It was an honors society that wanted me to come in and speak about human rights, from 11:16 to 11:54.  So I did. I planned to provide, off the cuff, … Continue reading

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Just don’t ask for NSF Support

Below is a post that was sent this morning to the Political Methodology listserv.  Note that the discipline is Sociology, yet the research is, I would guess, the kind that Senator Coburn would like to see universities and professional associations … Continue reading

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Portfolio v Single Stock Investing: Pondering the Grad School to Attend

Over at the Semi-Spew Steve Saideman identifies a second reason folks choosing among PhD programs should not care too much whether Professor X will stay, go (or die).  He makes the case for selecting the program with the best coverage … Continue reading

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Will Professor X Leave to take a Job Elsewhere?

It is PhD student recruiting season, so there are a whole bunch of folks trying to decide whether to accept offer A, offer B, or what’s behind door #3.  As they weigh the pros and cons of living in city … Continue reading

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Dealing with Rejection

Rejection is a standard part of the academic experience.  And I hate to bear bad news, but rejection sucks.  To add insult to injury, academics are not unusually skilled at breaking the news.  This is especially true in the job … Continue reading

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Some Rhetorical Questions given the Full-Year Continuing Resolution of 2013

Now that the US Congress has passed, and President Obama will sign, the Full-Year Continuing Resolution of 2013, which contains the Coburn Amendment, prohibiting the Political Science program at the National Science Foundation from spending its money, I have a couple … Continue reading

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