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Free Speech & Bigoted Propaganda

What is one to make of privately funded bigotry in public places, especially when it is carried on a publicly funded space such as a public transportation vehicle?  Here’s an AFDI billboard  also in New York: Are you offended?  Good. … Continue reading

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Another Dead, White, Male Feminist

Not only was I unaware of  Condercet’s feminism, I was equally unaware of Mill’s.  I think there is a t-shirt opportunity here. You can read the text here, a review by LonerGrrrl here, or, if you prefer, the Wikipedia entry.

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Condercet on Women’s Rights

While preparing for class I learned something tonight I hadn’t known.  Condorcet, one of those pesky enlightenment thinkers who is foundational to modern rational choice theorists is viewed by many to have been the first to publicly make an explicit … Continue reading

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Descriptive Statistics and Political Science Journals’ Manuscript Processing

A recent blog post collates the most recent available information on (1) the mean turnaround time for review and (2) the acceptance rate at a large number of political science journals.  Given the general rule that information is good, this is … Continue reading

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