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Subpoena the Email, Text & Social Media Messages of Hempstead Jail Staff

There is one thing that Waller County DA Elton Mathis can do to break the Blue Wall of Silence I discussed in a post yesterday, and reach a firm conclusion about the cause of Sandra Bland’s death in the Hempstead jail: subpoena … Continue reading

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#SandraBland, #DWB, #VRA, For Profit Policing, Warrior Cops, the Blue Wall of Silence and All That

The unfolding #SandraBland case pulls together so many of the racial and law enforcement problems in contemporary America that it makes one’s head spin.  In this long post I pull together the many elements that her unreasonable incarceration and tragic … Continue reading

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Trolling for Resurrection: The Death Throes of a Network, or the Success of Science

The recent pontification in Perspectives on Politics of some of the IR Security trolls (Desch/Walt,) is drawing attention, and though I should not feed the trolls, I can be challenged when it comes to self control. Dan Drezner thinks this is useful … Continue reading

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Breaking Down Racism in Amy Schumer’s Comedy

Fair warning: this is a somewhat lengthy post.  In my view there is much more poor analysis than useful discussion about comedy, so I am using this instance to speak broadly to that issue. People have been calling out racism … Continue reading

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The Counter-Enlightenment and the Confederate Flag

Today I drove through northern Florida and southern Georgia and the national discussion about the confederate battle flag was never too far from my mind.  I was listening to Steven Pinker’s book about the historic decline of violence, and was … Continue reading

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How to Help White Folks Discuss Race?

Last Monday Erica Chenoweth, Christian Davenport and I had an informal discussion about race in America.  We posted it to YouTube.[1] Two days later The New York Times carried a story / video titled “A Conversation with White People about Race.”  The Times … Continue reading

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