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Your Field Needs a MINDfields Project, and You Need to do It

Christian Davenport conceived the MINDfields project a number of years ago: a video interview project to document and archive the lived experience of senior scholars in his field.  As explained on the project’s homepage, The MINDfields project: conducts interviews with senior … Continue reading

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Wolfording: An Explainer

What the hell does is mean to Wolford? While experts bitterly dispute[1] the the authenticity of the original Wolford post, is widely agreed that the practice is a social media post (generally to Facebook, but also Twitter, Instagram, or other … Continue reading

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Democracies Violate Rights Fighting COIN Wars

`We put a wrap on the Spring slate of CC Virtual Workshops discussing an interesting paper by Adam Scharpf that begins with offers the following figure as a puzzle: why would democracies and autocracies violate rights at equal levels when … Continue reading

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There You Go Again: Clueless White Folk Stylee

The social media people at the American Political Science Association recently sent a sizeable portion[1] of our discipline into existential angst tweeting an irrelevant and offensive photo promoting an article recently published in an association journal.  Wendy Wong, a co-author … Continue reading

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Protest Diffusion: Kern CC Virtual Workshop

After three years of the Conflict Consortium Virtual Workshop, 36 sessions, approximately 150 participants, 100+ institutions being involved and a thousand or so viewers (thus far), our last session ended with a bang – of sorts. The Crabtree, Kern and … Continue reading

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