Violence against Women: Guns and Knives

The other day I retweeted Jessica Valenti’s tweet about this HuffPo article:

In the first eight weeks after [Newtown] more than 90 women were shot to death by their partners or family members.

Unlike many (most?) people I share stuff that I find interesting (by which I mean worthy of one’s time), rather than stuff that I agree with [I wonder whether the likelihood of doing so is correlated with an Aspie v neurotypical dichotomy, but I digress].  People tend, reasonably enough, to assume that I share the views expressed, which is sometimes, but often not, accurate.  I like to use social media to share interesting ideas more than to advance my own, so unless I explicitly endorse something one should assume I may not agree with it.  The point of all that is back story for sharing the interesting exchange my post stimulated between Kürşad Turan and myself.

I saw your retweet about 90 women being shot since newtown. Is it really a gun issue or a problem with women’s status…? here we have the same problem 3-4 being killed everyday… with no guns available they are mostly stabbed

Interesting: I think you are right that the primary problem is women’s status. Indeed, that is how I took the report: commenting on the fact that we freak out when a bunch of kids get mowed down yet ignore the steady murder of women. The former is a freak event we are never going to change, and the latter is something we could try to change, but ignore. That was what I was reading into it.

As for guns v knives, I would suspect that all who use a knife would also use a gun (were it handy) whereas only a percentage of those who would use a gun would also use a knife. So my conjecture is that some murders of women in the US turn out to be battery in Turkey. But that’s at the margins: you are quite correct

What seems to be the cause of the recent jump here is some change in the legal system that let people with very short sentences out of prison… who happen to be in for domestic violence…

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I am a political science professor who also contributes to Political Violence @ a Glance and sometimes to Mobilizing Ideas . Twitter: @WilHMoo
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1 Response to Violence against Women: Guns and Knives

  1. Bill Ayres says:

    I agree with the core of the exchange here, which is that very few (asymptotically approaching zero) want to think about the real nature or causes of violence in the broader arena, but are perfectly happy to ride their pet hobby-horses in select circumstances. That the “gun debate” in the US is toxically polarized to a rare degree (shared, perhaps, by Israel and abortion) further deters serious consideration.

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