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What’s up with Looting?

After the protests and riots following the police killing for Freddie Gray in Baltimore I emailed a bunch of folks I went to college and asked them what questions they would like answered, based on what they saw and read … Continue reading

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A Visit to the May 4th Center

This afternoon I had the pleasure of receiving a personal tour of the May 4th Center at Kent State university by Jerry Lewis, Emeritus Professor who was not only present when twenty four Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire killing four … Continue reading

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Majority Rule, Popular Mobilization, and the Use of Live Fire

Stathis Kalyvas tweeted an interesting observation, which led Christian Davenport to jump in, and twitter’s character limit has me moving to this space to share my thoughts. I think Kalyvas makes a nice observation; one which I have had vaguely … Continue reading

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Policing Protest, Istanbul Stylee

This is the second in a series of posts this week about the non-violent protests in Turkey, most of which will focus on Istanbul.  If you learn something here, please feel free to share (i.e., reblog, tweet, post to FB, etc.). … Continue reading

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