Has the ISA gone “Kansas Board of Regents”?

Six weeks ago the Kansas Board of Regents caused a stir when it adopted a social media policy that is really something to behold.  You can read it here.  The International Studies Association (ISA) Executive Council recently submitted a proposal to its Governing Council to change the code of conduct for editors of ISA journals requiring the cease participation in any blogging beyond what they might do on behalf of the ISA journal the help edit.  Steve Saideman, who is a Governing Council member, posted the details last night.  Please check out his post.  You might also be interested in a recent post by Dan Drezner summarizing what the TRIPS survey found about the views of IR faculty toward blogging.

Below is the proposed new language:

No editor of any ISA journal or member of any editorial team of an ISA journal can create or actively manage a blog unless it is an official blog of the editor’s journal or the editorial team’s journal. This policy requires that all editors and members of editorial teams to apply this aspect of the Code of Conduct to their ISA journal commitments. All editorial members, both the Editor in Chief(s) and the board of editors/editorial teams, should maintain a complete separation of their journal responsibilities and their blog associations. Adoption of this policy requires either stepping down from any such editorial responsibilities, or removal of affiliation with, and any participation in, external blogs for the duration of ISA editorial duties.

Should you wish to share your views about the proposal with members of ISA’s Governing Council, you can find them listed here.


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