PBS Documentary “Neurotypical”

PBS has a new documentary that is intriguing.  It debuted on Mon night, but you can apparently watch it online through 28 August here.  The Trailer is here, and the description of the film is here.

Neurotypical is a rare film among documentaries about autism. It relates the experiences of this neurological condition from the point of view of autistics themselves. Via the worlds of 4-year-old Violet, teenager Nicholas and middle-aged wife and mother Paula, along with provocative interviews with other autistics, the film recounts the challenges they face living among “normal” people–whom many of them call “neurotypicals.”

Oh, and as always, the comments section draws trolls:

Martin Heidegger

All of these people are poor trash or have poor and stupid parents. Poverty and stupidity or shitty parents is their only problem.


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