Strip Clubs on the Brain

One of the New York Times’ current “most popular stories” is titled “Strip Clubs in Tampa are Ready to Cash in on G.O.P. Convention.”  Let the snarky comments among male reporters about getting the “good stories” commence.

There are so many directions in which to take this, I am a bit flooded.  Social commentary on the demand for stories that expose hypocrisy?  The venerable NYT’s inevitable interest is writing such stories (see similar content from HuffPo)?  Relating conversations I had in 1984 with a roommate who, fresh out of college, worked at the Chicago Marriott and related stories from the security officers about how the working girls, with their pagers, worked the lobby, and how house wives from throughout Chicagoland made their way to the city during the weekend of the Housewares Convention every spring to earn some spending money?  Rob Lowe getting caught on video at the 1988 DNC in Atlanta with an underage girl? The inevitable stories from bitter sex workers in the city hosting the RNC that the tips were surprisingly stingy? The remarkable number of billboards along major highways in the south east United States declaring “We Bare All!” and, in smaller letters, “Couples welcome”? Or the first thing that tends to come to my mind when strip clubs come up: why do men go to strip clubs (the dynamics of women attending male strip clubs does not confuse me)?

Instead, I am going to share what Google provided when I typed “tampa strip clubs” into the search bar and pressed return.


That there is a very helpful map is, frankly, unsurprising, but I confess I failed to anticipate it.

About Will H. Moore

I am a political science professor who also contributes to Political Violence @ a Glance and sometimes to Mobilizing Ideas . Twitter: @WilHMoo
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