Sudan Mobilizes

I was caught napping on the situation in Sudan, but in response to government elimination of fuel subsidies there have been 12 days of popular protest, and a major protest has been called for tomorrow (Friday), as well as global protest on the 30th.  You can follow posts on twitter at #SudanRevolts and #June30, and Rodrigo Davies is posting photos tweeted with the SudanRevolts hashtag.

GRIFINA is a nonviolent protest movement that was founded in October 2009 (Arabic), and they are calling for the resignation of the current regime and a transition to democratic rule.  I have not been able to determine the extent to which GRIFINA is able to “lead” this current mobilization.

Below I have a number of links if you’d like to catch up (NB: standard news tropes abound):

Protest in Sudan (June 20)

6th Day of Protest (June 21)

Student led #SudanRevolts Movement (June 22)

“the people want to overthrow the regime” (June 23)

Rising Prices and Protest (June 24)

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